Jarred Cannon was born and raised in the Mountain State with roots stretching back to the state’s founding. He currently serves as a Republican Delegate in the West Virginia Legislature, representing District 22. In 2020, Cannon served as Director of the Victory Program for the West Virginia Republican Party, working to elect conservative lawmakers across the state and helping President Trump win nearly 70% of the vote in West Virginia statewide. Today, Cannon is running for the state House of Delegates in the new 21st District in Putnam County.
    Professionally, Cannon is the owner of Athena Consulting, a West Virginia-based public relations firm. In his private life, he serves on the Board of the Ohio–West Virginia Youth Leadership Association (YLA) and as an organizer and counselor for Camp Lincoln, a conservative youth leadership camp in Cowen, West Virginia.

    • West Virginians for Life
    • West Virginia Contractor's Association
    • West Virginia Chamber of Commerce
    • West Virginia Hospital Association
    • West Virginia Business & Industry Council
    • Associated Builders & Contractors of WV
    • A Rating from West Virginia Citizen's Defense League
    • AQ Rating from NRA



    End West Virginia's Tax Penalty on Marriage

    West Virginia's tax filing procedure penalizes married couples that choose to file jointly, taking money out of the pockets of working families and making the process more confusing. We should be incentivizing marriage, not penalizing it. State tax brackets should be doubled for married couples filing jointly. 

    Support New Parents

    The cost of raising a child in America has risen tremendously over the last fifty years, discouraging the formation of families and leading to a decline in our state's population growth. Our tax code should reward parents who have children, especially in the first few years of life. When children are school-aged, families should have every option on the table for their student's education including public, charter, online, home or private schooling. 

    Strengthen Penalties Relating to Crimes Against Families

    Crimes against children and families should automatically be treated with increased sensitivity in our court system and punishments against offenders must be increased. The state should increase child welfare center funding to provide staffed centers in every county as a place for children and families to seek refuge from domestic abuse. Victims of domestic abuse or assault should be able to easily terminate leases to relocate if they wish to do so.

    Increase Consumer Protections in Problem Industries

    The state should enforce strict and significant penalties against industries like broadband providers that repeatedly fail to uphold their promises to customers.



    Tech Censorship

    Social media companies must have clear, consistent and transparent policies regarding content moderation. Twitter cannot ban U.S. Citizens for supporting President Trump while allowing terrorist groups like ISIS and Hamas to operate on their platform. Official candidates for office should have some level of immunity from "deplatforming" to avoid politically-biased censorship.


    Critical Race Theory

    Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a fundamentally flawed, racist ideology. No school or business that takes a dime of taxpayer funding should be legally allowed to indoctrinate children or employees with CRT. If they continue to do so, their taxpayer funding should be eliminated entirely.


    Protect Life

    The bedrock of the American idea includes the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Government has an absolute duty to uphold those rights beginning in the womb and the unborn must be protected.


    Defend the Second Amendment

    President Biden and anti-gun politicians are working overtime to find creative ways around the second amendment, making it more difficult for legal, American citizens to buy and keep their firearms. Those unconstitutional attempts at restrictions will be stopped at the West Virginia border.


    Secure the Integrity of Our Elections

    Democrats used COVID-19 as an excuse to legalize ballot harvesting and create months-long election cycles in 2020. The changes to our process that took place during the pandemic should never happen again. Mass, statewide mail-in voting should be illegal and we must strengthen our voter ID laws.



    Economic Future

    West Virginia has the supply, capacity and willingness to be the energy capital of America. We must leverage more of our resources including natural gas, metallurgical and steam coal, timber and more. Rare earth minerals used to make electronics and batteries are mined almost exclusively outside of the country. These valuable resources can and should be extracted here in West Virginia and used by in-state manufacturers so that we are a part of this growing industry.


    Roads and Bridges

    West Virginia has a tremendous amount of federal dollars dedicated to physical infrastructure that will be allocated over the next decade. We must ensure we use this money responsibly and on common-sense, high-need projects. The state's Department of Transportation should create online tracking systems to allow for more transparency and community-based input involving ongoing projects.


    Broadband Infrastructure

    The state has taken tremendous steps forward in broadband expansion over the last five years, but it still isn't enough. Nearly all of Putnam County is limited to one or two provider options who aren't held accountable for their performance. The state should create new sales tax incentives on fiber, poles, towers, wireless transmitters and other core infrastructure needs to incentivize expansion by private industry.

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